Must-Know Decorating Tips for First-Time Home Owners

Living room decoration

Buying your very own home for the first time is a very exciting stage of your life mainly because you can finally live by your own rules and decorate the place any way you want. The problem is that first-time home buyers usually have very little or absolutely no experience when it comes to home decoration and yet their head is filled with countless home décor ideas which they have collected over the years. That combination is never good. The most common mistakes that first-time home buyers make when it comes to decorating include:

  • Undertaking an ambitious home improvement project as soon as the moving helpers leave
  • Going on a furniture shopping spree
  • Thinking they know what they want

Such mistakes often result in great expenses, many regrets and unpleasant surprises. The good news is that you can easily avoid making them.

Test your tastes

You may think you know your home décor likes and dislikes but the truth is much different. Even if you are a 100% certain that orange is your favorite color, you may not find this it suitable for your living room or your bathroom, for instance. Sometimes what sounds great in theory turns into a disaster in practice. If you are a first-time homeowner, chances are you are yet to explore your true tastes in interior design and decoration. Therefore, do not dive into deep waters by buying brand new furniture, carpets, curtains and etc. Instead, test the waters by purchasing second-hand chairs and couches or ask your friends and relatives if they have old furniture pieces in their garage which you can take. In that way, you will get a better idea of your true taste and style preferences without spending a small fortune on things like designer armchairs and marble tables which you will end up hating. Also, you can try rearranging your furniture every few weeks to see which layout you prefer the most. Whatever you decide to do, take it slowly.

Don’t expect everything to be perfect

Even if you know your personal tastes in decoration very well, they may still fail to make your first home feel as cozy as you have always imagined it would be. That is because the first property you buy is usually not your dream house. Also, some home décor ideas are not universal which means that they can only work in properties that have a specific size, natural light exposure and room layout. So, instead of using home décor magazines as a guidebook, view them as a source of inspiration. Borrow only small ideas and customize them to better fit your new home.

Seek for easy and quick solutions

If you are not very happy with the appearance of your first home and you wish to refresh it, do not undertake a major renovation or redecoration project as soon as you settle in it. There are many ways in which you can transform a house without spending a lot of money and time. A new coat of paint is one of them. Repainting your walls or some of your furniture can do miracles