Moving a Single Room: DIY or Hiring Professionals

Living room furniture moving

When moving an entire household, hiring movers won’t be a problem. However, when it comes to moving a single room, some movers will not consider this option due to their policy or convenience. It really depends on the mover, and the amount of items to be moved. If you cannot find a mover, you should consider DIY removal. It will probably cost you less.

Hiring a mover

Moving a single room locally and hiring local movers won’t be a problem. However, if you are moving to other city or long-distance, local movers will probably pass your offer. But, long distance companies are more likely to move you long distance as they can easily add your property to a long haul that is already on the go. So, including a few pickups on the way won’t be a problem. On the other hand, when it comes to the price, these removals usually cost more per pound in comparison to moving an entire household. This is because it is inconvenient for them to pick up a small amount. Nevertheless, the best thing would be to hire a reputable moving company and get your quote.

Moving during summer

Finding a mover during peak season can be a real hassle. Since most movers are booked in advance, there is a little or no room for small removals on their truck. This means that it is less likely you will find the mover during summer for moving a single room. And if you do, you will pay more than you normally would when it is not peak season. Therefore, you should wait until the winter to hire a mover or consider moving by yourself.

Specialty items

When it comes to moving large and specialty items, hiring a professional is always a good option. Items like pianos, chandeliers, big screen TVs, and other require experience and expertise in order to avoid unwanted situations during handling and transporting. First of all, you need to get the right packing material for such items. Secondly, you need to know certain lifting and handling strategies to avoid damages. Even though it will cost you more, do not hesitate and hire a professional moving company for moving such items. Majority of moving firms provide this service.

DIY removal

If you have no other option, you are left with a DIY removal. This is when you need to rent a truck, rent a container or ask a friend to move you with their truck and organize your removal. However, do not underestimate removal, no matter how small it is. You still need to organize, acquire packing material, pack everything, and make sure nothing gets damaged during transportation. Therefore, stay focused and make right preparations. Just because you are moving on your own doesn’t mean you do not need help. Ask your friends to give you a hand.